028 – Social Media Pro Lorri Ratzlaff on Social Media for Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers

Lorri Ratzlaff

I was introduced to social media professional Lorri Ratzlaff this week by Bree Palmer (@BreePalm just about everywhere), and I am glad I was.  Lorri is a Gen X/Baby Boomer entrepreneur who loves social media, and who has made it her mission to help people of her generation embrace social media and live video to tell their story and to increase awareness of their brand and business.

Even though you can find Lorri on pretty much on every social network, she tends to concentrate her attention on her Facebook page, Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

One of her main messages is to post as often as appropriate given the platform, and to remain authentic, as that is what resonates with the audience.

Learn more about Lorri and about how to use social media, as a Gen X’er or Baby Boomer, to tell your story and reach the masses.

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