030 – Internet Attorney Richard Chapo on Important Legal Considerations for the Digital Entrepreneur

Richard Chapo

Southern California internet attorney Richard Chapo joins me on Episode 30 of the Divorce the Workforce podcast to discuss past, present, and future legal issues that are exist for the digital entrepreneur.

Richard and I discuss a variety of legal considerations for the digital startup, including how to chose the right entity and why, considerations when partnering with another person who is tasked with developing the website and other digital properties, working with website designers and concerns about who actually owns the finished product, content creation, including issues that arise when you hire a copyrighter, trademark and content registration, as well as pesky little website details such as terms and conditions pages, privacy policy pages, disclaimers, the DCMA, and the like.

Anyone and everyone, including attorneys, who might be starting a website or some other online commercial digital property should hear what Richard has to say about getting started.  Of course, Richard is available to take on new clients and/or can assist you with your legal questions.

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