032 – Adam Purcell of #CaringCounts on How to Use Social Media to Make Others Feel Special

Adam Purcell of #CaringCounts

Adam Purcell of #CaringCounts tells us about a culture he started while working as a manager of a tavern in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Adam noticed that when he made the staff of the tavern have a fantastic experience as employees, they would in turn go the extra mile in ensuring that the customer had a fantastic experience as well when patronizing the tavern.

Taking it even further, Adam found that he could use social media to create a memorable experience for the customers beyond what they typically expect when eating out or having a drink in the local tavern.

Loaded with passion about caring for others, Adam has taken his message beyond the tavern and created somewhat of a movement with #CaringCounts.  He has since left the management team in the tavern and instead focuses on helping others build positive experiences within their companies or organizations.  By starting at the top, with the management, Adam knows that the positivity can trickle down into every aspect of the experience for not only the consumer, but the people serving the consumer.

And what we have is a win-win for everyone involved.

Learn from Adam about what things he has done to make this happen, as well as the reactions of people who experience such acts of kindness.

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