033 – My Experience at Ryan A. Bell’s Summit Live 2017 Los Angeles

Todd Bergin

So this year I attended Ryan A. Bell’s live video and social media event, Summit Live 2017, in downtown Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel.

On this episode of Divorce the Workforce, which is my first ever solo podcast broadcast, I talk about who I met, what I enjoyed the most about the show, what I enjoyed the least about this show, and where I thought my time was best spent while at the show.

Among the many people I met, I did get to meet and hang out with Ryan Anderson Bell, Ross Brand of Livestream Universe, Joel Comm of Live Video Marketing Academy, Jenn Nelson of Wine Antics TV, Rachel Moore of Really Social and #LetsLivestream, Roberto Blake, Jennie Mustafa-Jurlock, Next Wang, Niklas Myhr, Chris Kubbernus, Carlos Gil, Mitch Jackson, Aikyna Finch, Austin Iuliano, Mark Gawith, and Erin Cell, among others.

Join me on this episode of Divorce the Workforce, and find out if the time and expense was worthwhile to me and use my experience to help you decide if next year’s show is for you.

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