034 – Greg Gates, Jr. of CashChatSnap on Teaching Financial Responsibility on Snapchat

Greg Gates, Jr.

Financial educator and storyteller Greg Gates, Jr. joins me in Episode 34 to discuss his Snapchat experience using his background to help people figure out how to get their finances under control.

Greg recognizes that the educational system fails at preparing young people entering adulthood for any sort of financial success.  Indeed, what he sees is a system that can trap and even severely punish, financially, those who are unprepared for what awaits them as they enter college and the workforce.

Greg’s simple, and even silly, stories are designed to be simple, silly, and fun, but while packing a wallop as far as sound financial tips, tricks, and advice can be.

Greg’s approach in making the financial discussions and advice fun go along with his view that using non-traditional educational methods and techniques are helpful in learning new thoughts and ideas, particularly with subjects, such as finance, which are often considered taboo, scary, and painful.

Finally, Greg’s enthusiasm in helping others, and doing so for free, in figuring out how to make their financial life better comes through with every breath.

You are going to love getting to know Greg and about what he is doing to help others who consume his content.

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