037 – Marc Gawith of Rightside on the Success of the .LIVE Extension

Marc Gawith

Marc Gawith has spent over a decade in the business of domain names.  Marc is currently the Business Development Manager at Rightside, a Top Level Domain registration service that specializes in stylistic domain extensions, and Marc and I connected through my interested in the .LIVE extension.

Marc and I talk at great length about the .LIVE extension, which is an extension that has been available for nearly two years and is one of the hottest extensions in the history of the internet.

Not only do we discuss the history and success of the .LIVE extension, Marc also makes a very compelling case, in which I concur with all of it, as to why the .LIVE extension (and all of the other extensions) are relevant in today’s time where .COM, .NET, .INFO, and .ORG are tired, boring, and with little opportunity as all the ‘great’ names are taken.

Marc and I also discuss the importance of getting your preferred name now, rather than later, for many reasons that we discuss, but perhaps most importantly because each domain is unique to itself and once it is gone, it may be gone forever.

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