038 – Coach Jennie on Defeating Hilda, Your Inner Naysayer

Coach Jennie

I was introduced to Coach Jennie by Ross Brand at Summit Live 2017, and upon introduction I knew very quickly that Coach Jennie is a passionate entrepreneur and who knows exactly what she is talking about.

Coach Jennie has been helping people identify and deal with their inner naysayer, whom she has named ‘Hilda.’  We all deal with a Hilda, and we all deal with her in different ways.

For 11 years, Coach Jennie has helped people deal with Hilda, which has allowed them to achieve things they never would have without Jennie’s no-nonsense no-bullshit coaching style.

Hear about Coach Jennie’s new book, Hilda, and how she has used this book to help people all over the world.  Coach Jennie and I also discuss live video, with a few thoughts on our experience at Summit Live.

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