4 Snapchat Theme Tricks That Will Exponentially Grow Your Audience

Snapchat Themes

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and start using Snapchat to grow your online presence, or you already have your online presence and you want to add another tool to your tool chest of reaching out to people. Congratulations!

What I’ve found to be the best way to attract and grow a loyal audience is to build the audience around a very simple theme.

What I mean by making a ‘theme’ is to create a series of related topics that you can use to generate your audience and give them something of value for watching your snaps.

Additionally, in making the theme a ‘series’ of snaps, I found that doing a daily theme was the best way for people who happen to discover me to rally around and become somewhat dependent on a specific brand of content each day.

By doing that, you increase viewership, grow your audience, build friendships (people reach out to talk to you about the information you are providing), and increase your authority in a particular niche.

My First Snapchat Theme

My first Snapchat theme, and yes, my only Snapchat theme to date, was what I called my “Daily Snapchat Tip.”

What I did was create a new Snapchat Tip for each day, every day, 7 days per week. People who chose to follow along would be treated to a free tip each day that addressed topics directly related to using Snapchat successfully, particularly as a marketer.

Each daily tip was pretty much independent on all of the other tips, and a tip might address Snapchat functionality, Snapchat tricks and hacks, Snapchat etiquette, and the like.

Each tip was numbered so that people in the loop could follow along and would have an idea of how far we had come together. Also, by numbering the tips, newcomers would quickly realize that I had indeed been doing tips for quite some time, and they would see some sort of value in following me, and they would give me some sort of acceptance as an authority on the subject.

And it worked! By having a daily theme that I numbered, the volume of people who followed me exploded, as well as the viewership and the volume of quality, private, personal messages.

So let’s break this down and discuss in greater detail how I grew my Snapchat account in a very short period of time.

Snapchat For Dummies!

Okay, when I started out on Snapchat, there was no Snapchat for Dummies book. I don’t think there is even now.

But I looked for a Snapchat for Dummies book! When I started on Snapchat in February, 2016, I had no idea what I was doing. I had never done live video, and my only experience doing any video aside from a small production in high school (nearly 30 years ago!) was doing seven video for YouTube for one of my other businesses.

So I needed some help getting started, or so I thought.

Aside from a few cheesy videos on YouTube, and a handful of articles I found around the internet, there just wasn’t that much information in one place that taught guys like me, a 40-something, how to get started on Snapchat.

So I decided that, in order to best learn Snapchat, I’d just jump right in and start figuring it out, along with the YouTube videos and random articles I had found.

And that I did.

Snapchat Tip #1

Snapchat Tip #1

And I immediately began, with my very first snaps, teaching other people how to use Snapchat.

But I had no clue how to use it!

And guess what? Nobody knew that.

But in all honesty, I do think I told my crowd that I was new to using Snapchat, and that in teaching myself I was going to teach them, too.

People that came along were fine with that. And why? Because I was giving them value for spending time with me. They didn’t care that I wasn’t an established Snapchat authority – they just wanted to have fun and learn to use Snapchat, just like me.

And so it began.

After nearly 200 days (I’m around 175 as of the time of this blog post being published), I’ve done nearly 200 individual tips and over 200 days.

Based upon my experience, I have a few ideas of what your ‘theme’ needs in order to generate a loyal following of friends and consumers of your snaps, and grow your account and it’s viewership exponentially.

4 Snapchat Theme Tricks That Will Exponentially Grow Your Audience

So what did this theme do for me?

The Snapchat Theme Should Be Daily

As I stated above, the theme was a daily theme. People knew that if they followed along with me, they would be treated to a new content on a daily basis. This kept people who wanted to learn about Snapchat coming back for more.

The Snapchat Theme Needs to Provide Tremendous Value

My theme provided (provides – I’m stilling doing it) tremendous value. I’m not boring people with something worthless; instead, I’m giving them something of value for their time. I’m educating them on a specific topic, that being how to use Snapchat, and particularly as a marketer.

People love to learn about how to do things, and they really like it when they can do this learning for free.

Well, it’s not technically free. They do have to spend their time watching in trade for the tips. But otherwise, it’s 100% free! That is a trade that many people will gladly make.

The Snapchat Theme Needs to be Able to Be Produced Easily

Look, doing a daily theme can be very burdensome. You are basically committing to your crowd that you will be there each day for them.

You have to live up to that promise as best as you can. Sure, if you miss a day here or there, nobody is going to gripe. When I miss a day, or when I know I’m going to miss a day, I either make it up after the day, or do a few ahead of time in some sort of ‘lightning round’ of tips.

But you need to be able to produce this content quickly and easily so you aren’t putting too much time into it.

If you require all sorts of props, or if your daily theme involves a lot of drawing with the drawing feature, or some other setup or gimmick, you are less likely to maintain a daily status with your content.

The Snapchat Theme Needs to be Able to Be Consumed Quickly

In addition to needing to be able to create the content quickly and easily, perhaps more importantly, it needs to be able to be consumed quickly and easily.

Your crowd isn’t going to want to spend all day watching your content, and believe me, having 20 or 30 snaps in a row, which, if maxxed out is still only 3 to 5 minutes, is just too much!

You want your theme to be short, sweet, to the point, quick, painless, and able to be consumed in under a minute and a half. Yes, a minute and a half!

Perhaps on occasion you go longer, but seriously, people aren’t interested in watching long, drawn out presentations, even if they are value-packed.

Our attention spans are not that long, so keep that in mind when you create your content. People want to consume quickly, and move on.

Take Away from the 4 Hallmark Theme Tricks

SnapchatIf you use these four tricksyou will be amazed at how quickly your account and daily viewership grows.

I figured this out on my own, and it works! I don’t have a count on the amount of followers that I have, but it is at least 4000 or 5000 followers, and that’s just from seven full months of broadcasting on Snapchat.

Additionally, my snaps generally see 200 to 300 views per snap, which is awesome! Yes, I know some other accounts that see in the thousands of views per snap, and I aspire to get there.

But I went from a total nobody on Snapchat to someone with 4000 to 5000 followers and a daily per snap viewership of 200 to 300 snaps! Pretty amazing stuff.

And you can do it, too.

Please tell me and other readers about your experience with this in the comments below. Are these hacks working for you?

Do you have any hacks that are working for you that I didn’t mention?

Share below!

Thank you for reading, and as always, stay productive!

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