I help people ditch their working stiff lifestyle so they can instead live an exceptional lifestyle.


Are you fed up with the day job?

If you work a typical 9 to 5 job, you’ve likely had enough and you think about it often.

I’ve been there. I’ve done that.

If you were like I was, you are always thinking about being overworked, under-appreciated, earning just enough money to barely get by, getting lousy raises each year, with too little or no measurable vacation time, and no money left over after all the bills are paid, and most importantly, very little control over your time.

Aren’t you tired of all of that nonsense?

Aren’t you tired of knowing that no matter how much you hustle in your job, you aren’t going to reap any of the results of that hustle because you’re not there to get rich; you’re there to work your ass off to do your part in getting the owner(s) rich.

You could try to leave for another job, but nothing better exists. If it did, you’d be there. And if they wanted you, they’d have found you already.

Todd and SonIf you have children, do you hate only seeing them early in the morning as you run out the door, just to get home in time to maybe have an hour with them before they go to bed? And if you are married, you know the day job trashes any chance at measurable quality time with him or her.

When you consider it all, does your life feel like a slow death? If that is your life, you are indeed living a slow death. I’ve lived it. It’s pure hell.

And to numb yourself from the realities of the slow death, have you basically given up and become complacent about your situation? Have you let the feeling of being powerlessness take over? You know what I’m talking about, where you just accept where your life is today and allow yourself to ignore the ugly realities of your career?

If you don’t become concerned with these realities today, and do something about your situation, the day of reckoning will come, be certain of that.

And when that day arrives, it will come at a very uncomfortable moment.  Not only will you will be older, but you will be tired, worn out, cranky, with little or no income or savings, and with few choices available because your education is worth less and less each day and there will be someone half your age willing to do the same job for a lot less.

Which means that the choices that are available to you will be shit.

If you are living this life, you need to begin to make changes, fast.

And you should want to make big changes, because if you are living this life, you are going to have to make big changes at some point in your life, so why not take initiative and do it now while you have time to take control over the matter?

If you are ready to focus on making big changes, then you have come to the right place.

Seven years ago I got real serious about making big changes in my life so I can live a freer, more prosperous existence, and I’m excited to help you make do the same. 


TB Family PhotoI’m just an ordinary guy who has been married for near 20 years and with two children, living in Southern California and enjoying life.

Seven years ago I made the decision to do whatever necessary to trash my resume and never send it to another person ever again.

And I’ve followed through.

For much of my life, I’ve worked for myself because I HATE having to show up for work and deal with all of the crap that comes with working for other people.

When I worked for other people, I felt dead. For the most part, I was dead. Every day, I felt controlled and defeated.

I did not like being required to get up early to run out the door before my kids were out of bed, only to return late in the evening just in time to see my kids to bed.

I did not like working for someone who seemingly couldn’t care less about my best interests. I didn’t like allowing that person to call all of the shots in my professional life and in trade for a less than adequate paycheck.  

Particularly when they seemed to enjoy yanking my chain from time to time.

I did not like being told what sort of misery that I’d be working on each day.

I didn't like having to be appreciative for salary increases that were merely inflationary wage increases, and nothing more.

I didn't like living in a situation where I had no power or control over anything about my professional life, and if I didn't like it, too bad.

I was tired of thinking that things could be better.

Does any of this sound familiar?

That was my life.  And if you are similarly situated, I get it.

Fortunately, that life has vanished from my rear view window.  

The time has come to put it in your rear view mirror, too.

Fast forward to now.

Both my wife and I are free from the working stiff grind.

Even though we are far from “rich,” we are winning the game.

First, we manage our own time. We work when we went, we don’t work if we don’t want to.

Having control of your time is the most important thing you could ever do for yourself.

Secondly, neither of us is getting our chain yanked by someone down the hall. No more worry about layoffs, workplace changes that suck, and dealing with workplace nonsense.

Thirdly, we choose how to compensate ourselves based upon the successes and failures of our own endeavors. We choose the work we want to do and succeed or fail on our own, without having to deal with anyone else on the matter.

And just as important (if not, more so), neither one of us ever miss breakfast with the kids. Or dinner. Or miss our kids’ sports.

My wife and I have this life, but we still want it to be even better. So we are always working on how to move forward and prosper.

I’m confident that most people out there hate how things are going with their day jobs as much as I hated mine (and my wife hated hers). Many people I know would love to have the freedom my wife and I have (I know this because they tell me, often, whether directly or indirectly).

If you are reading this page, I suspect you are ready to find your freedom, too.  

And I want to help you make the changes necessary to build a life with more freedom.  Right now.  ASAP.  Just as quickly as we can.  With no time to waste.

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