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039 – Jonathan Tripp of Vitmug on Social Media and Live Video

Jonathan Tripp left a career job and moved his family to his hometown of Lynchburg, VA, to start as an entrepreneur in social media and live video. Since then, Jonathan’s business has prospered and he has evolved into a live video professional who focuses on producing high quality broadcasts with his partner, Jenn Nelson, in…

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038 – Coach Jennie on Defeating Hilda, Your Inner Naysayer

I was introduced to Coach Jennie by Ross Brand at Summit Live 2017, and upon introduction I knew very quickly that Coach Jennie is a passionate entrepreneur and who knows exactly what she is talking about. Coach Jennie has been helping people identify and deal with their inner naysayer, whom she has named ‘Hilda.’  We…

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030 – Internet Attorney Richard Chapo on Important Legal Considerations for the Digital Entrepreneur

Southern California internet attorney Richard Chapo joins me on Episode 30 of the Divorce the Workforce podcast to discuss past, present, and future legal issues that are exist for the digital entrepreneur. Richard and I discuss a variety of legal considerations for the digital startup, including how to chose the right entity and why, considerations…

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