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024 – Podcaster Leary Gates on Podcasting and Entrepreneurial Live

Leary Gates had a long career in the corporate world before starting his own entrepreneurial journey as a venture coach in 1995.  Hear about Leary’s transition out of the corporate world and how it affected his and his family’s life. Additionally, learn about Leary’s entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as endeavors related to his passions, such…

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023 – Rachel Moore of Really Social and the Business Unusual Podcast on Communicating with the World

Entrepreneur Rachel Moore is the CEO of Really Social, a social media coaching and consulting firm specializing in helping startups and reboots gain a foothold in the social media space. In addition, Rachel hosts the Business Unusual live show and podcast, a show that highlights ‘slightly to exceptional businesses’ with leaders that ‘make your head…

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021 – Peter Nez on Revolutionizing Your Message in Social Media

Peter Nez, a.k.a. Professor Nez, is a professor and social media ninja, so to speak.  If you are on social media and you haven’t come across the Professor, then you really aren’t on social media. Today I talk to author, keynote speaker, social media evangelist, and writing professor, Professor Nez. The professor uses social media…

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