039 – Jonathan Tripp of Vitmug on Social Media and Live Video

By Todd Bergin | March 21, 2017
Jonathan Tripp

Jonathan Tripp left a career job and moved his family to his hometown of Lynchburg, VA, to start as an entrepreneur in social media and live video. Since then, Jonathan’s business has prospered and he has evolved into a live video professional who focuses on producing high quality broadcasts with his partner, Jenn Nelson, in…

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038 – Coach Jennie on Defeating Hilda, Your Inner Naysayer

By Todd Bergin | March 16, 2017
Coach Jennie

I was introduced to Coach Jennie by Ross Brand at Summit Live 2017, and upon introduction I knew very quickly that Coach Jennie is a passionate entrepreneur and who knows exactly what she is talking about. Coach Jennie has been helping people identify and deal with their inner naysayer, whom she has named ‘Hilda.’  We…

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037 – Marc Gawith of Rightside on the Success of the .LIVE Extension

By Todd Bergin | March 14, 2017
Marc Gawith

Marc Gawith has spent over a decade in the business of domain names.  Marc is currently the Business Development Manager at Rightside, a Top Level Domain registration service that specializes in stylistic domain extensions, and Marc and I connected through my interested in the .LIVE extension. Marc and I talk at great length about the…

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036 – Lindsey Margolis on How She Became an Influential Snapchat Storyteller

By Todd Bergin | March 9, 2017
Lindsey Margolis

Lindsey Margolis started on Snapchat when the app first came out, and while she didn’t know at the time how instrumental Snapchat would be in propelling her forward as a storyteller and entrepreneur, it didn’t take long for her to get noticed and for her to see the potential in what she was doing. Lindsey…

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035 – Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus on the Power of Video in Social Media

By Todd Bergin | March 7, 2017
Chris Kubby Kubbernus

After following Chris Kubbernus (‘Kubby’) on Instagram for over a year, I had the pleasure of meeting him at Summit Live 2017 in Los Angeles.  During the summit, I had a chance to talk to Chris on several occasions about his entrepreneurship and online presence, as well as his preferred equipment for vlogging (that he was…

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