Why I Bought .LIVE Domains for Myself and My Businesses

Why I Bought .Live Domains for Myself and My Business

As an entrepreneur, I am always coming up with new business ideas.  And when I come up with attractive business ideas, I like to work on and settle on a name for the business right from the start.

Once I come up with a name, which most often only takes a few minutes, I run and buy the exact domain, if possible.

I’ve been doing this since probably about 2001 or so.  Over the years, I’ve owned hundreds of domains, and many I have let go after coming to the realization that I’d never use the name.

For the most part, I’ve only been interested in .COM domains.  Sure, if I had a .COM I was using, I might lock up the .NET, .INFO, and .ORG domains as well, but I’m convinced that locking up the latter three domains has always just been a waste of money.

In fact, I had gotten to a point where the only domain I would ever be interested would be a .COM extension.

At least, until now.  Now, for domains I am actively using, I am buying the .LIVE extensions as well.


In this blog entry I’ll tell you why I bought .LIVE domains for myself and my businesses.

Well, I do have a lot of reasons why buy domains, in general.  Let’s go into some basic reasons as to why you should buy your name and your business name as domains, and then some specific reasons as to why I’m buying the .LIVE extensions of my name and my brands.

Everyone Needs a Domain

Whether or not you know it, but you need a domain.  If you are reading this and you have yet to buy your own name as a domain name, what are you waiting for?  You should run and snap up your real name as a domain right now if you can.

Of course, if you have a common name, it is highly unlikely your name in a domain name will be available.

You may not need a domain today, and you may not ever need your real name as a domain, but there is only one like yours in the world for each extension (such as a .COM), so why not get it?

Personal and Business Branding

How any business or entrepreneur can get along without having a relevant domain name is a mystery to me.

Yet, time and time again I talk to people who have bought neither their personal name as a domain name or their business as a domain name.

But to have an online presence to build a personal or business brand, having a relevant domain name with strong keyword density is a must.

If you aren’t sure what keyword density is, it has to do with how precise your domain is as it relates to your brand name.  For instance, if you own a store called “Whole Foods,” to have 100% keyword density you would need to own WholeFoods.com.  In this example, a weaker keyword density would be WholeFoodsGrocery.com.

Buying a Domain is Cheap

If you do a Google Search for GoDaddy, there is usually a link that will allow you to register a domain for as little as one dollar.  Sure, after the first year it jumps to $7 or $14 or whatever they are currently charging, but that is nothing to own a one-of-a-kind piece of internet real estate.

Controlling a Potentially Important Domain

Your domain, whether it is your real name or your business name, may not be important to you today.  But soon enough, it will be important to you.  Buy it now so you control it, not someone else.

And believe me, if someone out there sees that you have a clever business name and that you haven’t registered the domain, they might snap it up and then when you do want it, they will demand a premium knowing that they have the one and only domain like it in the world.

Prevent People from Using a Domain Against You

It is nice to own domains so that people cannot use the domain against you.  For instance, if your name is Francisco Scaramanga (get the reference?), you might want to first try to purchase FranciscoScaramanga.com for an infinite number of reasons, but you also might want to buy FranciscoScaramangaSucks.com for reasons that should be obvious.

As an aside, many people who use their real name on the internet buy the “SUCKS” version of their name or their business name because, over the years, it has been commonplace for angry people to buy a “SUCKS” domain in order to harm or penalize their target.

So Why the .LIVE Extension?

As I stated above, I don’t buy all the non-.COM extensions because there is no need, the costs add up, and it can become cumbersome if you are like me and own a lot of .COM domains already, many of which aren’t being used.

However, my list of reasons for buying a .LIVE extension for websites I’m using or intend to use in the near future is ever-growing, even though there are only two strong reasons why I buy the .LIVE right now.

Below you will find specific reasons why the .LIVE is attractive to me, but I also include the rationale I’ve discussed above as reasons to buy the .LIVE.

Would I buy the .LIVE solely based upon the rationale I discussed above?  No.  But considering my reasoning below, in addition to the reasons above, I think there is a strong case for snapping up your .LIVE now.

.LIVE May Become a Very Strong Domain Extension

The .LIVE extension might not be a strong domain extension these days, but with live video coming on strong, such that even Facebook big shots have been quoted as saying that Facebook will be all live video by 2019, the .LIVE extension might someday have a strong demand.

Think about it.  I own ToddBergin.com.  Boring.  Lame.  I mean, I’m happy to have the domain, and I can use it for great purposes and it does what it does.

But think about ToddBergin.live.  Todd Bergin Live.

Suddenly, a routine, mundane domain has energy.  It tells people what to expect if they go there.  They are going to see me, live.  They can expect live video.  Or at least video, even if replays of previously recorded live material.

The point is, if you are a marketer and intend to incorporate live video into your business, buying the .LIVE extension for your name and your business is a safe play.  Whether you use it now, later, or never, you have it locked up.

In fact, I have a business I’m working on that I cannot reveal the name in this article, but I’ve got a trademark in the works for the name, only I cannot get a 100% keyword density domain for the name because someone already snapped it up, and they want big money for it even though they have no intention to use it.

Guess what?  The 100% keyword density domain was available as a .LIVE extension.  That rocks!  Nobody ever said that the .LIVE had to be strictly live video feeds.  But the focus could be on live video (which is where things are going, anyway), with a blog and a checkout and all of the other stuff we’re accustomed to seeing on a website.

And what if, and this is a big if, the internet has some sort of a live video revolution in that somehow the .LIVE extension becomes as popular, or even more popular, than the .COM?

I know, far-fetched.  But…what if?

Your .LIVE Domain is Probably Available Right Now

At this point in time, the .LIVE extension hasn’t taken off to the degree that great domains are hard to get.  In fact, if you do a domain search for many popular websites, they are available as .LIVE domains.  Crazy, right?

As cheap as domains are, why not snap up your preferred domain now and lock it up?

Final Thoughts

Over the years, I’ve bought non-.COM names that I’ve ultimately let go.  Even where I’ve had a business at the .COM and there was just no need to hold on to the .INFO, .ORG, and .NET extensions.  As I said, I got to the point where I felt I was just throwing away money.

With the .LIVE, and particularly with my growing interest (and hopefully expertise) in live video, I think buying to hold and even using the .LIVE extensions for one thing or another is a good move.

Over the next year I fully intend to put some good use to my .LIVE extensions, and I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

Thanks for reading.

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